Intrinsic Physical Therapy

Intrinsic Physical Therapy provides you with the resources to tap into your body's innate ability to heal
- so you can manage your health and live your best life.

Rita White, DPT, IHP

I am passionate about helping individuals navigate healing. Using my expertise as a physical therapist and integrative health practitioner, as well as the invaluable experiences learned through my own chronic health journey, I provide integrative physical therapy and wellness coaching services to help individuals reclaim their health through a whole-body approach to wellness.

I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from St. Catherine University in Minneapolis, MN in 2013 and became a certified Integrative Health Practitioner in 2020. I have nine years of experience working in an outpatient orthopedic setting, specializing in chronic pain management, aquatic therapy and pelvic health, as well as personally navigating my own chronic illness and injuries over the last decade.  I became disenchanted with the clinical rehabilitation model of treating one body part at a time and set out to create a more holistic approach to physical therapy. I believe in the body’s innate ability to heal and the importance of incorporating mind, body and soul to reach the highest degree of wellness. My passion is working with complex cases to connect the dots, beginning with foundational components of wellness, to allow you to optimize your health and well-being. I believe that we all deserve to be well and my goal is to share my knowledge and expertise to empower you to find your optimal state of being. 


Intrinsic PT can treat people of all ages in the state of MN.

We are specialized in general orthopedics, chronic pain and illness and pelvic health for all genders.

Intrinsic Wellness Coaching is able to provide services to anyone interested from around the world!


Telehealth means that our visits will take place virtually via video conferencing, using a secure and HIPPA-compliant application. 

You will receive an email once you have scheduled an appointment that will provide your secure login to the application to complete an intake and consent form.

The email will also have a button that says “Begin session.” At the scheduled appointment time, simply click that button and you will join me in a virtual conference call.

Your initial session will consist of an evaluation which includes gathering of information, reviewing your health history and setting goals, followed by a posture, strength, mobility, and functional movement assessment. Treatment will consist of hands-on therapy, education, and exercise customized to you.

Each treatment session is unique and customized, however some common techniques used may include:

  • Manual therapy such as soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization to restore mobility and decrease pain
  • Myofascial release which is a manual therapy technique used to improve pain and mobility by decreasing  fascial restrictions throughout the body
  • Visceral manipulation, another manual therapy technique, to restore mobility to the tissues surrounding the organs
  • Pain neuroscience education
  • Nervous system regulation
  • Exercise prescription

For all in-person visits, the therapist will wear a mask and eye protection, gloves (when appropriate) and will clean their hands and therapy mat table before and after every use. If weather and space permits, visits can be conducted outside. 

All you will need is a computer, tablet or phone that has audio and video capabilities and is connected to the internet.

You do not need to have any special exercise equipment. Your customized care plan will include exercise recommendations based on what you have available to you.

Since a cash-based model allows us to remove the barriers regarding frequency and number of visits, we have more freedom to work together to come up with a plan of care that fits your lifestyle and financial needs. A typical PT plan of care looks something like 1x/week for 4-8 sessions, but there is quite a bit of variation depending on diagnosis and goals. Between visits, you will be provided a Home Exercise Program through the app Physitrack, where you can view and track your exercises.

In the state of MN, you are able to see a PT for up to 90 days without needing a doctor’s order. If we decide to extend care longer than 90 days, we will work together to obtain an order from your physician to continue.

I accept credit card payment at the time of your scheduled appointment.

Intrinsic PT provides a cash-based service and is not contracted with any insurance companies. This removes the red tape of a third-party insurance company when it comes to frequency and number of visits that you can be seen, allowing for more flexibility and freedom to better serve you.

However, you may be able to submit your receipt to your insurance company to see about out-of-network reimbursement, but this will require a phone call to your insurance company on your end. 

PT is eligible for reimbursement through HSA or FSA, but we encourage you to check with your financial institution prior to your appointment to ensure qualification.

Intrinsic PT is not a provider of Medicare-covered services. Therefore, Intrinsic PT will not be able to treat and provide services to Medicare beneficiaries. 

Session and pricing details