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Making My Passion My Purpose

What is my purpose?

When time slows, routines change, and future plans take a different course, we often ask ourselves this question.

It isn’t an easy question and I don’t believe there is only one answer as time and experience may allow our answer to evolve into something different or something greater. Perhaps that is part of our purpose, to be ever learning and ever changing. 

My purpose didn’t come to me all at once, but instead was a slow infusion of life experiences. From an early age, I knew that part of my purpose was helping people, but that didn’t seem like the whole answer. I live with chronic health conditions myself and I have been hesitant to share what I was going through whether it be with loved ones, close friends or clients. I worried that people would think I wasn’t good enough or wouldn’t be able to trust me to help them because I was still figuring out how to “fix” myself.  Asking for help and sharing my story has allowed me to connect with people in ways I never would have before and I am grateful for the greater understanding it has brought me. 

As humans, we all want to feel understood, validated and accepted. I want to help people feel like they belong in this world, whether they have an injury or illness. I want to help them live the most full life they can in each moment, despite the struggles they may be facing. No matter how small or big an injury or illness, a person is allowed to ask for help. I want to be here to help. To listen, to support, to coach, to be that person that says “you’re not alone” and help them understand why their body is behaving in a certain way.  I want to give space to feel safe navigating injury or illness. I want to alleviate fear and bring empowerment to their healing journey. If I am able to make one person feel less alone, make one person feel safe giving voice to their struggle, make one person feel more human, I will feel purposeful.

My purpose is to share my story and my skills so that I can facilitate human connection and with that, bring healing. 

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